History and identity

“I created my brand ZESTE ELECTRIQUE in 2016 in the women’s ready-to-wear sector. After the culmination of three collections, I wanted to take a new turn driven by my return to my native region, in Limoges. My city being the cradle of porcelain, it was then that the desire to transpose my creativity onto this medium appeared, as an evidence. Alongside my father, himself a porcelain decorator, I was able to find inspiration, motivation and training. We decided to open a shop in Limoges at 12 rue Jules Guesde where I work and sell our creations.
ZESTE ELECTRIQUE now offers its own porcelain products, which I have designed and decorated in my workshop. It is a brand with radiant colors, which plays on contrasts and shapes. I like to work on geometry and offer a playful spirit of tableware, home and jewelry. I like that my customers can have fun and compose their decoration, their table or their outfit as they wish. I break the codes of classic porcelain that we can imagine and reinvent it with a spirit of freedom and carelessness.”

My commitments

“Through my brand and my creations, I want to bring meaning and investment, whether from a geographical, ethical or ecological point of view. My forms are made in an artisanal way, respecting local know-how and just in time to avoid waste. In the tradition of porcelain, the pieces are classified by gradations, from the piece without defect to the one not sold, from the 1st choice to the scrap through the second choice. For my part, I want to bring a different vision of these categories, by simply forgetting them and making the defect a quality. I think that each piece produced has its place and that it is up to us to want to see the beauty in the imperfect. Porcelain cannot be perfect, and otherwise requires monstrous waste. Why not just accept it?
I therefore collect all of my production from the factory, which I then decorate, by hand, in my workshop using lead-free paint. Yes, there may be small flaws, on the white as in the decor, but each piece is unique and all these details make it an extraordinary object.
As far as packaging is concerned, I have also chosen to work with an ecological approach by using biodegradable and inexpensive cardboard boxes which allow me to impact the sale price as little as possible for my customers. Products are more important than their envelope.
I like to tell myself that we can create beautiful things while respecting our values.”

The collection

“For this first collection and the launch of my new forms of vases, mugs and jewellery, I chose to work only with stripes on a range of identical, rainbow, sunny and dazzling colours. I like to work on clean, geometric and readable designs where only the color and the harmony of the proportions count. I wanted to create a timeless, uniform and unintellectualized unit. I work with my feelings and my instincts without ever making things more cerebral than they are. I like the beauty of the color, the uniformity, the dynamism and the cheerfulness. I try to make the texture work reveal the shine of the porcelain.”

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